10 Essential Tips to Ensure You Don’t Outlive Your Retirement Savings

Navigating retirement can be daunting, especially with the growing concern of potentially outliving your savings. As Americans enjoy longer life expectancies, ensuring that your nest egg lasts throughout your golden years is more critical than ever. According to the Social Security Administration, a 65-year-old man today can expect to live to about 84, while a […]

2024 Check-In: Ensuring Your Estate Plan Reflects Your Current Wishes and Life Changes

Two sharp pencils resting on a paper printed with an estate plan checklist, one checkbox visibly marked.

As we navigate through 2024, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your estate plans are up-to-date and reflective of your current wishes and life circumstances. Life is full of changes – from financial shifts to evolving family dynamics – and your estate plan should evolve accordingly. If you’ve recently moved to Florida or […]

Estate Planning Considerations for Couples Marrying Later in Life

An elderly couple exchanging vows outdoors

As we navigate the journey of life, our paths may lead us to new beginnings, even later in life. Marrying or remarrying in your later years brings with it a unique set of considerations, especially when it comes to managing your estate. Understanding the intricacies of estate planning is crucial for ensuring that your assets […]

The Essential Conversation: Navigating Estate Planning with Your Loved Ones

Two professionals, a middle-aged woman and an elderly man, review estate planning documents at a table in a modern office setting.

In the realm of estate planning and elder law, awareness and preparedness are our guiding principles. Our firm is committed to equipping you with the comprehensive tools and strategies necessary for effective estate planning, encompassing wills, trusts, advanced directives, durable powers of attorney and beyond. However, possessing these critical documents is only half the battle. […]

Navigating Estate Planning with Alzheimer’s: Empowering Families with Safe Harbor Law Firm

A mature woman assists an elderly man with estate planning in a paperwork at a kitchen table, in a bright, homey setting

In the face of Alzheimer’s Disease, Estate Planning in Alzheimer’s becomes crucial, signifying a journey that requires not just medical readiness but legal foresight to prepare for the future. Safe Harbor Law Firm stands at the forefront of elder law and estate planning, bringing a blend of professional acumen and empathetic guidance to families grappling […]

Preserving Your Legacy: What Entrepreneurs Should Know About Estate Planning in Naples

Three people estate planning in Naples Florida

Estate planning in Naples is a critical consideration for entrepreneurs, who often view their businesses as their own offspring. These business owners nurture their ventures from inception to maturity, investing not just financial resources, but also time, effort, and sometimes even tears. Just as one would plan for the future of their children, it’s essential […]

Make Sure Your Revocable Living Trust Is Properly Funded

Senior couple doing home finances using laptop indoors

You’ve taken the time to plan for the financial well-being of your loved ones and yourself. You’ve created a customized estate plan to address your goals and concerns. Your plan includes one of the most powerful estate planning tools out there, the Revocable Living Trust, which allows your heirs to avoid probate upon your death […]

Do You Need a Trust?

elderly couple and woman discussing paperwork

One of the first questions many clients ask is whether they need a trust. It’s a great question, but it leads to another: What do you want your plan to accomplish? Let’s begin with a brief discussion of what trusts are and how they work. Then we’ll explore their benefits, which should give you a […]

When Was the Last Time You Updated Your Estate Plan?

woman and elderly couple talking over papers on table

For many, an estate plan is created and never looked over again – until it’s necessary to do so. But did you know that you should really look at your estate plan as something that grows and changes with you? Think about what has happened in your life since the last time you looked over […]

How to Avoid Challenges in Your Will or Trust

lawyer talking to elderly couple about legal documents on laptop

Although you may have taken the time to create well structed wills and trusts, there are some common challenges which may present themselves upon your passing. Disputes amongst beneficiaries can result in bitter family relations, costly court proceedings and financial devastation. The following are some proactive measures you can take to avoid common challenges and […]

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